Cell Therapy Product Research Center
Stem cell/genetic research and stem cell/diabetes treatment
Along with the studies related to stem cell culture medium, we perform R&D activities for cell therapy products and genetic therapy products. In addition, we can maintain a stable supply of effective stem cells by establishing a stem cell banking system.
Core Technology
The umbilical cord-derived stem cell separation culture technology
We possess the technology of separating the stem cells from umbilical cords that are of excellent proliferation and high growth factors and are developing a mass-production method.
Developmental technology of cell therapy product/gene therapy product
Using our stem cells, we are developing gene therapy and cell therapy technology that can be used a variety of for intractable diseases.
Future Strategy
Stem cell isolation and culture technology
Cosmeceuticals: stem cell culture medium
Development of bone transplant technology
Cell therapy products & gene therapy products
Drug delivery system