The Tissue Engineering Research Lab
Product research and production research: bone and skin transplant and restoration and silicone polymer products
We secure the best facility and researchers to develop the best therapy products.
In addition, we keep recruiting excellent human assets and making a driving force for the next generations.
Research and Production Facilities
(a total floor area of 5.950m2)
F1 Silicone polymer products
F2 Skin transplants and restoration products
F3 Bone transplants and restoration products
Main Facilities
Freeze-drying facility for an aseptic (clean) room
Ultra low-temperature powder processing facility
Ultrapure water manufacturing facility
EO gas sterilization facility
High-pressure steam
Ultra low-temperature freezing storage
Quality control test facility
The research team of biomedical polymer materials
The team has the aim to secure an unrivaled position in the product market of breast plastic surgery, and increase the number of a mega-blockbuster product that generates more than the sales of 100 billion KRW every year.
Breast plastic surgery and scar management
* R&D of various medical equipment that realizes
one-stop service for breast plastic surgery and the related.
* R&D of various silicon formulations used to improve scar
Breast plastic surgery
Silicone-gel artificial breast implants
Tissue expander
Saline sizer
Silicone-gel sizer
Insertion aid of transplant medical equipment
Scar management
Scar Clinic Clear
Scar Clinic Thin
Scar Clinic Gel
Scar Clinic Stick
Facial plastic surgery
Absorbent lifting suture fiber used for
facial plastic surgery, silicone implants, hair implanter, etc.
Facial plastic surgery
Facial tissue fixation suture
Insert suture
Endoscope suture
Silicone nose implants
Hair implanter