Group Introduction
Based on innovative R&D technology, the company that creates newness never found anywhere else in the world.
The sales of Hans Biomed Co. have grown around 25% for the last 5 years in a row, holding a stable financial position. In addition, we have 7 overseas subsidiaries and local branch offices around the world to expand business in the world. Starting R&D investment in new medical treatments and technology relate to regenerative medicine as well as tissue engineering, Hans Biomed has prepared itself for a new challenge for better health of humankind.
  • Growth rate
    for the last 4 years in a row
  • Sales
    670billion KRW
    as of September 2019
  • patents applied and registered
    as of September 2019
  • employees
    as of September 2019
  • Establishing Korea's first tissue bank
    Acquired permission for establishing Korea's first tissue bank from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in 2005.
    Although there were several companies, research institutions, and universities, at that time, studying in relation to tissue engineering such as artificial organs, we acquired the first permission for establishing a tissue bank in Korea. In particular, human tissue transplants are kept sterile and aseptic in the tissue bank. We, as a specialized company furnished with the well-managed clean rooms and professional personnel, we acquired the establishment of a tissue bank and thus contribute to domestic industry related to human tissue transplant.
    Registered to The U.S. FDA
    Registered to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002
    From the U.S.FDA that conducts field inspection on quality management, production facility, production lines, safety, etc. on regular basis, Biomed Co., Ltd. received
    Selected as "World Top-Class Product Company
    Selected as "World Top-Class Product Company" sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2002 and 2010.
    Hans Biomed Co.'s receiving the award (World Top-Class Product Company) implies that it was acknowledged as an excellent export-driven company, which was the first for a venture company that produces human tissue transplants.
    Holds the best-facility and high-tech tissue engineering research lab
    Engineering research lab
    whose construction completed in June 2002.
    Hans Daeduk Research Center, in which a total of 6 billion KRW was invested, was constructed on the site of 11,900m2 (a total floor area of 2,644m2 but extended to 5.950m2 now) with a research unit and production facilities. On the first floor, the products related to silicone polymers such as artificial breasts are researched and produced; the products related to skin graft and restoration on the 2nd floor, and human transplant bones on the 3rd floor. Hans Daeduk Research Lab succeeded in commercializing the technology of processing acellular dermis with human transplant tissues, which is the first success in Korea and the second in the world. It presented Hans Biomed unmatchable technological competitiveness of tissue engineering in Korea. To pull up the domestic competitiveness of the domestic tissue engineering industry up to the international level, protect the national health, and substitute imports, we do our best to distribute our products in Korea and also export them to overseas markets.
    Listed on Kosdaq in first in the industry.
    Listed on Kosdaq in October 2009, first in the industry.
    Hans Biomed leaped into a real global company that pulled its competence one notch up by securing excellent manpower and stable investment. Especially, it has gradually been replacing foreign products with its skin and bone transplants whose technology and quality was acknowledged. However, import substitution didn't satisfy us, but we export them to South America, Asia, and the Middle, not to mention the United States and Europe.