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Guen Young Kim
CEO of Hans Biomed Co. Ltd.
Thank you for visiting Hans Biomed Co., Ltd.

Hans Biomed Co., Ltd., which was launched with only the value of challenge, has had numerous difficulties up to the present time, but did not think about stopping by reminding oneself the value of the challenge. Customer value management is constantly thinking about what values customers want and pursue, and what companies must do to achieve them.

In order to achieve customer value management, we must evolve by avoiding many things, and also accepting many things. We must learn what products customers want, check whether the products guarantee the customer's comfort, and be free of laziness in constant research for a better life than yesterday for customers. This sequence of processes must be transparent and humbly accept customer reviews.

Hans Biomed Co., Ltd., is now carrying out businesses for a better life for customers with the ambition to take a step further from a company specializing in medical devices and human tissues to become a specialized regenerative medicine company. We will strive to become a company that society wants, the country wants, and contributes to human life.

We promise to put our top priority on achieving the health and happy life of our customers, shareholders, and all those who believe in Hans Biomed Co., Ltd.,

Thank you

CEO of Hans Biomed Co. Ltd Guen Young Kim