CEO Greetings
I am Ho Chan, Whang,
CEO of Hans Biomed Co. Ltd.
Hans Biomed Co. is a high-tech based general bio company engaging in R&D, production, and supply of medical equipment and genetic therapy products necessary in realizing the precious dream and hope of "Achieving Daily Happiness Through Healthy Life". We, equipped with own R&D facility, supplied a variety of medical equipment to specialized hospitals on mutual trust and cooperation for the first time and have grown, creating new value in the field of medical equipment so far.

Especially, since moving in the new office building in Mungjeong-dong in 2017, when we were furnished with a world-class research lab, research manpower, and the latest GMP facility, we have made vast strides in research of high-tech bio-medicines including cell therapy products, gene therapy products, immune cell therapy products, stem cell therapy products, etc.

In addition, Hans Group maximized synergy effect with its affiliates such as Hans Pharma, Hans Care, BNS Med, as well as Hans Biomed, which has put us one step closer to becoming a tip-topmost company in the field of medical equipment and high-tech bio-medical supplies.

I thank you for interest in and support for Hans Biomed and promise you that Hans Biomed Co. will do its best to develop therapy products and medical equipment that are helpful for the better health and happier life of our customers and shareholders.

Thank you.
CEO of Hans Biomed Co. Ltd Ho Chan, Whang