Acellular Dermal Matrix
Product Introduction SureDerm is an allograft dermal product that can be transplanted in a patient whose skin has been lost due to breast cancer, car accident, or burn.
As the skin transplant material first developed in Korea, this product has been acknowledged for its safety and validity and resultantly being
exported for patients with torn rotator muscles and ligament muscle in the world (the applications are gradually expanding)
Product Features
and Benefits
- As it is human-born skin tissue, it soundly takes in as a patient's tissue. Its 3D-structure gives cells to space in which they can grow and helps
  granulation tissue to form.
- Various indications
- (Gum reconstruction (dental clinic), ligament and muscle reconstruction (orthopedics), breast reconstruction and skin transplant for a burn
   patient (reconstructive plastic surgery)
- The surest product proved by 20-year clinical use.