We try to be the best in the world,
going beyond Korea where we are the leader.
Global leading Bio-Company
About Hans
Hans opens an era of customer impression through the development of high-tech medical materials
for the procedure and the raw materials for medical supplies.
  • Best
    Holds the largest market share
    in the sector of breast implants
  • Trust
    Possesses the tissue engineering research lab
    (the total floor space of 5,950m2)
  • Growth
    Has continuously grown
    for the last 20 years.
Hans Media
Let’s hear various news of Hans Group through Group Introduction, Symposium, and Press Release.
  • Group Introduction
    Peek through
    Hans's past and future.
  • Symposium
    Experience a variety
    of academic topics.
  • Press Release
    Vivid news of Hans Group
    seen at the eyes of media
vision 2025
Hans Group will provide top-class and innovative medical equipment and
biomedical supplies until a patient is fully satisfied.
  • No. 1
    No. 1 in the world
    (artificial breast implants, lifting suture)
  • 100
    Exports to more than 100 countries
    (R&D investment in the field of new medical treatments and technology)
  • 500
    Achieved the sales of 500 billion KRW
    (growth rate gradually increasing)
Media Releases
Together with the affiliates, Hans Biomed Co.
makes the importance of health known through its various brands and makes a new attempt for another future.
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