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Our people/ Welfare

HansBiomed’s Vision

The mentality of Hans Biomed is to be a business that protects the lives of the people and the lives of the world, and to use donated human tissues to save new lives to make the world a better place.

HansBiomed’s People

1.Respect for life Those who respect the value of life, 2.Determination A strong determination that does not waiver in any situation, 3. Challenging A person who continues to challenge oneself to achieve goals

Employees/ Education policy

  • 1.Evaluation Policy Evaluation of abilities and results and reward for goal achievement motivate employees and create unlimited synergy.· Evaluation is done 2 times each year (each half of the year) to evaluate the capabilities and achievements. · Capability evaluation (common/work/level) : Evaluation of the capability is used for education and training, and establishment of skills evelopment.
  • 2.Reward Policy The reward for the efforts pose the future vision. · Salary+ reward depending on the results (for sales sector)· Model employees/long-term employment reward /Nominated excellent department and employee reward.
  • 3.Education Policy Various education programs run to improve the abilities of the employees.· Leadership education : Managers and promotion list education· Work education : For each sector (sales, production, research, support) improve work abilities through education · Organization vitalization education: department workshops, challenging employee workshop to overcome time and space limitations    through the education infrastructure in order to create an ideal learning culture and an opportunity for the individuals and the organization to grow and develop together.
  • 4.Legal Welfare We guarantee the national recommendations of employee welfare to protect the rights of our employees. · Work hours : Only work 40 hours per week · Four insurances (health insurance/ pension/ work cover/ industrial accident and health insurance) · Annual leaves and payment of retirement pay
  • 5.Legal welfare benefits Various benefits for better lives of our employees.· Education cost support : support the cost of work related education· Support for events : leaves and payments for life events· Holiday gifts : gifts for New Years and Chuseok · Car maintenance costs : Payment depending on the work and job title  Child benefits : monthly support for preschool children