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Recruitment Procedure

The company that protects the lives of people and the lives of the world.Hans Biomed Corp. waits for your meaningful challenge.

4 Step Recruitment Process

Application→Paper selection→Interviews (Primary, Secondary)→Final selection

4 Step Recruitment Process
1 Application The recruitment campaign is divided into two areas: the type where the applicants directly apply following ‘Recruitment notice”, and the type where the applicants are registered in the ‘human resource pool’ for future positions.
2 Application Screening Paper selection is the step where the applications are reviewed by the panel to select the capable applicants. Please make sure that your education, GPA, personal statement and other items are not left out when you complete the online application form. If we find out that your details are not true, your acceptance will be cancelled.
3 Interview(primary, secondary) This is a process to validate that the education and degree, work knowledge, capabilities and experience are appropriate for the positions available at our company. Those who pass the first interview will then be interviewed a second time by the executives. Three or less persons will be interviewed together as a group.
4 Final selection After the acceptance notification is made, the employment start date, position, and the salary will be negotiated within a week. For experienced employees, their salaries will be adjusted according to their calculated experience level to acknowledge their previous experience.