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R&D Center

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Introducing the Research Center

We ask for your continuous attention and support for the development of advanced medical materials and ingredients for medications to achieve love for humanity and customer satisfaction.

  • The R&D Center
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Introducing the Research Center

The R&D Center

Construction Date : June 2002.
            Land area : 3,600pyeong. Research and Production Facilities- 
            Level 1 : Research and production of Silicone Polymer products.Level 2 : Research and production of skin transplant and restoration products.Level 3 : Research and development of bone transplant and restoration products.
            Major Facilities
            Aseptic freeze-dry equipment.Ultralow temperature powder processing equipment.Ultrapure manufacture equipment (D.I. water).EO gas and radiation sterilization equipment.High pressure steam sterilization equipment .Ultralow temperature freezer storage equipment.Histology testing equipment.Quality control testing equipment