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ScarClinic - Silicone gel sheet for scar prevention and treatment
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Characteristics
  • Indications
  • Specifications and Use
Product Introduction

Scar Clinic™ is a product used to prevent skin scarring from burns or other unexpected trauma, and is used in dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, scar clinics, orthopedic surgery and general surgery departments in hospitals.

Scars arise from skin tissue damage, leading to deformation and contraction of the collagen in the skin, leading to abnormal development with uneven and unsightly surface. Scar clinic works on these scars to recover the flexibility of the skin tissue, to make the skin whiter and flatter.

Scar Clinic™ is made of a gel type silicone, which is halfway between solid and liquid form. It can be cut to a desirable size to fit in wounds on any regions. It is economical as it can be used repeatedly after rinsing with water. It produces good outcome when used together with pressure therapy.

ScarClinic What is Scar Clinic?
1.Scar ClinicTM – a name from the two words “Scar’ and ‘Clinic’ Effective improvement/treatment of scars
2.Advanced silicone gel sheet recognized by the U.S. FDA
3.Various shapes and sizes (Clear, Thin, Areolar)

ScarClinic - Clear, ScarClinic - Thin, ScarClinic - Areolar

Protects the wound from the external environment to aid supply of moisture to help maintain a hydrated status
Aid circulation of blood to promote angiogenesis and cell proliferation
Static Electricity
The anions and cations promote normal cell proliferation
Oxygen Tension
Requirement for the generation of blood vessels, collagen and epithelia
Prevent precipitation of collagen by inhibiting the metabolism of fibroblasts

Restores flexibility of skin tissue to improve scarring

Advantages of Scar Clinic

First Choice for Scar Improvement Scar improvement and modiIfication. Improved physical properties. Reusability. Various choices

Thick and clear form of 1.5mm thickness,Wide and large form, ideal for old scars,Size: 5 sizes.
              Thin, flesh colored form of 0.45mm thickness,Ideal for small scars, or irregular surfaces,Size: 4 sizes.
              Thin, flesh colored form of 0.45mm thickness,Ideal for scarring after breast plastic surgery,Size: 1 size
What is Scar?Scars are skin defects that are esthetically unappealing, formed as a healing process after various wounds(surgery, trauma, traffic accidents or burns).
Types of Scars
Atrophic Scar
Causes: Acne, chicken pox, finger nail scratch, deep laceration
Form: The skin contraction around the wound causes retraction of the wound inside the skin
Wide Spread Scar
Causes: Surgery or trauma
Form: The newly formed collagen are pulled by the contractility of surrounding tissue, leading to widening of the scar
Hypertrophic Scar
Causes: Unknown
Form: Hard, red and raised scar of the wound
Atrophic Scar
Causes: Unknown, only occur in humans. Genetic predisposition
Form: The wound lesion invades to the uppermost layer and proliferate * Keloid scars have irregular borders and are hard to touch함
Product Cat.No Size
Width x Length Thickness
Scar Clinic - Clear SCT506 5x6cm 1.5mm
SCT610 6x10cm
SCT1210 10x12cm
SCT1215 12x15cm
SCT420 4x20cm
Product Cat.No Size
Width x Length Thickness
Scar Clinic - Thin SSU307 3x7cm 0.45mm
SSU311 3x11cm
SSU707 7x7cm
SSU D30 Diameter:3cm
Product Cat.No Size
External & Internal Thickness
Scar Clinic - Areolar SSUA1 External diameter: 7cm
Internal diameter: 2cm
Instructions for use

Day 1 2 hours→Day 2 4 hours →Day 3 6 hours→Day 4 8 hours→Day 5 12 hours or more
              Skin adaptability test:Increase the use by 2 hours each day. If there are no side effects after 2-3 days of use, use for longer than 12 hours