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Medical Device

Lion HT/HN

Lion HT/HN - Hair Transplanter Body/Needle
  • Product Introduction
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Product Introduction

LION HT/HN is a hair transplanter body and needle that considers the convenience of the user and the esthetics of the patient. The device uses a clip, which is not found in previously used hair transplanters, to reduce the procedural time and to aid easy replacement of the needle.The transplant needle was made by using special technology, not used in previous products, for precision. This allows minimally invasive treatment into the hair follicle, leading to increased survival rate and integration rate of the hair follicles. With sterilization and double blister packaging, there is no risk of infection and can be used in a hygienic manner.

1.New clip hair transplant device, applied for a patent

1. Simplified and facilitated replacement of needles Reduces time for preoperative preparation and procedure to increase the survival rate of transplanted hair follicles.2. Aligned open end of clip and follicle placement site on needle increase the convenience in use

2.Precise and special needle manufacturing technology

1. High Quality alloy metal : Precise and smooth needle surface minimizes the damage on the scalp tissue

2. Exquisite and sharper needles : Increase follicles survival rate by minimizing damages of the scalp tissue

3. Wide and even width of channel : Increases follicles survival rate by reducing damage to the Infundibulum and scalp tissue

EO gas sterilization & double blister packaging

1. Reduces potential contamination during transportation for safe use.2. Sterilized using Ethylene Oxide Gas(EO Gas)

Safety Tests

Extractable test, Biocompatibility tests, Mechanical tests, Appearance·size

FDA Listing, KFDA approval, CE marking, ISO13485, GMP, Patent

Hair Transplanter Needle SIZE Purpose Packaging Unit
HT 0.8 HN 0.8 0.8mm Single hair graft,
Eyebrow, eyelashes,facial hair such as beard

HT 0.8mmX5EA/1Pack

HN 0.8mmX10EA/1Pack

HT 1.0 HN 1.0 1.0mm Bundle of 1~2hair

HT 1.0mmX5EA/1Pack

HN 1.0mmX10EA/1Pack

Hair Transplantation Method

①Collect hair follicles→②Suture the site of hair follicle collection→③Collected hair follicles →④Separate the hair follicles →⑤Separate the hair follicle from the hair root→⑥Separated hair follicles →⑦Attach the hair follicles to the transplantation needle→⑧Transplant using the hair transplanter

How to change the transplanter needle

Displacing the Old Needle①Use your index finger to separate the clip. ②Turn the cap in anticlockwise direction to remove it. ③Pull out the spring bar.  ④Remove the used needle.

Placement of New Needle⑤Open a new needle from the protection cap. ⑥Place the new needle in the hair transplanter. ⑦ Push the spring bar below the new needle. ⑧ Turn the cap in a clockwise direction

Placement of Cap ⑨ Push the stopper on the device up in a clockwise direction.⑩ Move the device cover and fit the hook for the clip. ⑪ Turn the clip in the opposite direction of the arrow to finish.