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Allograft Tissue

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SureFuse™ - Demineralized Bone Matrix Gel/Putty
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Characteristics
  • Indications
  • Specifications and Use
Product Introduction

SureFuse™ - Demineralized Bone Matrix Gel/Putty

Product Overview

The SureFuseTM is a composite of DBM (Demineralized bone matrix) which contains growth factors that promote regeneration of damaged bone, with other protein substances and factors to promote osteoconduction and osteoinduction.



Product Characteristics
Product Characteristics
  • Contains high level of DBM
  • Osteoinduction properties
  • Osteoconduction properties
  • Ability to change shape and form freely
  • High glutinosity for convenient use
  • High biocompatibility
  • Strict pathological and hematological testing of tissue donors for safety
  • Each lot of product is produced from one donor
  • Only the tissues approved by the AATB, EATB, and KFDA are used
  • E-Beam Sterilization following final packaging
  • In Vivo (animal testing) and In Vitro (laboratory) Testing
  • No cases of viral infections have occurred so far
  • Used by hospital directors in more than 20 countries world wide

SureFuse™ - Demineralized Bone Matrix Gel/Putty

Spinal fusion and general orthopedic surgeries.
              Any bone defect area where the malleable bone void filler needed.
              Compensation and reconstruction of autograft bone.
              Reconstruction of maxillofacial defect.
              Spine fixation with adequate materials.
              Bone fixation and filling in various sizes and forms of bone defect.


Product Size REF DBM Particle Size
SureFuse™ Gel 1cc SG1 20% 200 ~ 850μm
3cc SG3
5cc SG5
8cc SG8
10cc SG10


Product Size REF DBM Particle Size
SureFuse™ Putty 1cc SP1 30% 200 ~ 850μm
3cc SP3
5cc SP5
8cc SP8
10cc SP10
Instructions for use

1.Turn the orange cap to remove it.
              2.The product can be used on the site to be transplanted without a rehydration process.