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Allograft Tissue

Allograft bone products for OS/NS indications

  • Genesis Sponge
  • ExFuse
  • SureFuse
  • BellaFuse
  • OsteoGrow
  • Pedistick
  • SureChip
  • BellaFuse Inserter
  • AlloHA
  • MaxiGen
Genesis Sponge™ - Cancellous Sponge Block/Filler
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Characteristics
  • Indications
  • Specifications and Use
Product Introduction

Genesis Sponge™ - Cancellous Sponge Block/Filler

Product Overview

The GenesisTM Sponge is a sponge-type transplant material using the cancellous bone structure to induce proliferation of mesenchymal cells and induce osteoblast differentiation to help form normal bone.It is rapidly integrated into the recipient site and has high osteoconduction and osteoinduction properties. It is of a sponge type, making transplantation easy.It can be used as a filler with spinal devices or cages during spinal arthrodesis, and can readily be used in surgical reduction of fractures.


Genesis™ Sponge Block. Genesis™ Sponge Filler

  • Demineralized Cancellous Bone Block 100%
  • Osteoinduction
  • Osteoconduction
  • 100% Allograft Bone with high biocompatibility
  • Excellent space regaining and supportive function
  • Strict pathological and hematological testing of tissue donors for safety
  • Each lot of product is made from one single donor
  • Only the tissues approved by the AATB, EATB, and KFDA are used
  • E-Beam Sterilization following final packaging
  • In Vivo (animal testing) and In Vitro (laboratory) Testing
  • No cases of viral infections have occurred so far
  • Used by hospital directors in more than 20 countries world wide

Genesis Sponge™ - Cancellous Sponge Block/Filler

Spinal fusion and general orthopedic surgeries.
              Any bone defect area where the malleable bone void filler needed.
              Compensation and reconstruction of autograft bone.
              Reconstruction of maxillofacial defect.
              Spine fixation with adequate materials.
              Bone fixation and filling in various sizes and forms of bone defect.

1.Genesis™ Sponge Block

Genesis™Sponge Block
Product Size Cat.No
D-Sure™ Block 10x10x10 GSB10
12x12x12 GSB12
14x14x14 GSB14
10x10x20 GSB20
12x12x22 GSB22

2.Genesis™ Sponge Filler

Genesis™Sponge Block
Product Size Cat.No
D-Sure™ Chip 5cc GSF50
10cc GSF100
Instructions for use

1. Open the external packaging.
              2.Transfer the product with its internal packaging in an aseptic manner to the aseptic table. 
              3.When all preparation is complete, open the plastic lid of the product. 
              4.Pour saline or the blood of the patient in the plastic container with a Genesis Sponge and rehydrate for approximately 8 minutes.
              5.Remove the sponge product and insert to the place of transplant.