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hans biomed

  • CEO
  • 우리회사는
    • 국내 1호 조직은행 설립
    • 아시아 최초 FDA 등록
    • 세계일류상품 인증기업
    • 국내 최대 조직공학 연구소 보유
    • 업계최초 코스닥 상장
  • 성장연혁
  • Vision 2022
  • 사업영역
    • Allograft Tissue
    • Silicone Polymer
    • Medical Device
    • Bio Technology
  • 인증현황
  • 글로벌 네트워크
  • 찾아오시는길

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Certification status


  • Establishment of the first tissue bank of Korea
  • The first in Asia to be registered in the U.S. FDA and receive 510K approval
  • Acknowledged world’s top product
  • Medical device manufacture and quality control criteria conformity certificate
  • The first in Asia to receive CE mark certification for breast implant

The first to receive a KOSDAQ award in the field

The first in the field to receive the “KOSDAQ award” from Korea Exchange Securing excellent human resources and stable investments to upgrade the capacity of the business, to become a true global business.


  • Surgical sutures with micro protrusions
  • Bone regeneration composite
  • Biorestoration substance manufacture method
  • Virus deactivated acellular human transplant material production method
  • Transplantable acellular dermis and its manufacture method
  • Method for long term storage of skin tissue
  • Hair transplanter
  • A process for preparing a biomaterial for


Jang Young Sil Science culture award “Medical technology sector” . Award certificate 2002.Ministry of Health and Welfare “Venture enterprise industry grand prize”. Approval certificate for tissue bank establishment (No. 1).Venture enterprise grand prize 2002.Business innovation grand prize 2011.Daedeok Innopolis Technology commercialization award 2010.Excellence award in Industry technology sector from the Minister of Knowledge Economy .Million dollar export tower