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  • 우리회사는
    • 국내 1호 조직은행 설립
    • 아시아 최초 FDA 등록
    • 세계일류상품 인증기업
    • 국내 최대 조직공학 연구소 보유
    • 업계최초 코스닥 상장
  • 성장연혁
  • Vision 2022
  • 사업영역
    • Allograft Tissue
    • Silicone Polymer
    • Medical Device
    • Bio Technology
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We ask for your continuous attention and support so we can develop advanced medical materials and ingredients for medications to achieve love for humanity and customer satisfaction.

Greetings. I am Ho Chan Hwang, the CEO of Hans Biomed Corp.

The management of a business is often publicized in the form of its financial statements. However, I believe that this is not enough. I made this website to help you understand Hans Biomed’s future direction as a business.

As you can see from this website, Hans Biomed Corp. is aiming for multilateral and future-oriented management in the field of Bio Engineering, and is making efforts to open new markets and for product development.

We promise to make our best efforts to provide better products at the right time, at the most convenient place. Thank you.

CEO Profile

  • 03.1981 B.A.(Electronic Engineering), Hongik University
  • 03.1982 M.A.(Bioelectronics), Yonsei University
  • 02.2008 M.A.(Best Bio Manager) Seoul National University

CEO’s awards

  • 12.2002 “2002 Venture Business Grand Award”, Small and Medium business committee
  • 03.2003 “Award from the Prime minister”, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 11.2006 “Prime Minister Citation” ,Venture Businesses
  • 10.2010 “Award from the minister of Knowledge Economy”, Nano Korea
  • 11.2011 “Gold prize for Business Innovation”, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CEO of Hans Biomed Corporation 황호찬