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About us Hans Biomed Corp.

  • Our company Asia’s first FDA registration. Establishing our nation’s first tissue bank . A world-class quality company creating high-end products. These qualities define our company, Hans Biomed Corp
  • Business Scope Allograft tissue, Silicone Polymer,  Medical Device, Bio Technology.
  • CEO Message The most advanced medical materials and our competitiveness with our creativity and passion. have been promoted.
  • Global Network We proudly present the global network of Hans Biomed Corp.

PRODUCT The advanced biotechnology products

Product Introduction for each area of specialty. Hans Biomed’s unique products holding exclusive patent technology

  • Allograft Tissue Bone graft product,Skin graft product Silicone Polymer Breast prosthetic implants,Scar treatment Medical Device Hair transplant product,Face lifting thread bIO tECHNOLOGY SureSkin,AllenFuse

R&D center Are researched and developed. Product Introduction for each area of specialty Daedeok Research Center has excellent technical human workforce and technology patents GO GO

  • Hans Daedeok Research Center. The largest tissue technology research center in Korea., has been well known.
  • Core Technology. Introducing core technologies of Daedeok Research Center, including 3-dimensional cell culture technology and acellular stroma processing technology
  • Patent Status. These are the achievements of Hans Biomed’s technical excellence, including PCT patent pplication of Korea and overseas.